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Consulting and Engineering on
Building Automation and Management Systems, Automated Facility Management Systems

Audit of existing and development of modern solutions in compliance with corporate, international standards, and building certification systems

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About us

The history of the company began long before its establishment in 2008. The 30 years of experience of our professionals in the development of industrial energy accounting systems, energy usage management, and the implementation of energy management transformed into comprehensive services for the development and implementation of dispatching and facility management systems for buildings and municipal infrastructure objects in 2008.

Our holistic approach is key to our projects because it ensures the balanced and efficient operation of all related engineering systems (electricity supply, HVAC, heating and cooling, water supply, telecommunications, etc.) that support the functioning of buildings.


The main directions of our activity:

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Consulting on comprehensive management of services and engineering systems for buildings

We help building owners build a balanced and reliable service management system for the people who use these buildings, as well as an automated dispatch and control system for building engineering equipment as an efficient automated tool for facility management. Our experienced experts offer solutions that consider the development stages of the facility and services, local peculiarities, possibilities, and the feasibility of using specific technical solutions.

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Development and construction of smart networks for electricity supply, heating, and cooling

We develop and implement efficient mechanisms for managing energy generation, distribution, storage, and utilization within buildings and for campuses/technology parks using microgrid systems.

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Modernization and creation of new energy management, dispatch, and building management systems

We position these systems as an effective tool for building facility management, ensuring reliable control of technological risks, meeting the specified operating modes of the equipment and indoor environment parameters, minimizing the influence of subjective factors, and seamlessly integrating into the established business processes of the service company. Modern technologies such as the Industrial Internet of Things, energy resource metering, reliable information security mechanisms, support for remote access for service personnel, and specialized service centers are used in project decisions. If necessary, we develop data integration with the required customer business applications. Through our management system, we can provide certain credits to achieve the required level of certification for "green" buildings according to LEED, BREEAM standards, and for healthy indoor environments (wellbeing) according to the WELL certification system.

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Equipment and technological solutions from Siemens Smart Infrastructure business unit

With more than 20 years of experience collaborating with Siemens Smart Infrastructure, we offer, deliver, commission, and maintain Siemens equipment and technological solutions.

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The company's specialists have
the necessary qualifications for:

Conducting Energy Audit & Energy Management (Ukraine & UNIDO)
Development of project documentation and execution of specialized electrical and automation works
Implementation of technological solutions based on Siemens DESIGO & SIMATIC products, KNX and DALI standards, AV control by Crestron, metering systems based on M-Bus



30 years of experience in building automation and management system, energy metering & management
Automation & Monitoring of different MEP equipment
Cooperation with specialized Ukrainian and international companies
Innovation development in cooperation with National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”
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Implemented projects

Kvadrat shopping centre, Perova Ave. Kyiv
Central Office of the Ministry of Finance, Kyiv
Mary Kay Logistics, Stoyanka
Lviv Arena
Kyiv-Catering, Boryspil airport
RIALTO business centre, Kyiv
MacPaw Village Campus
Andrea Stihl's office, Chaika
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Kyiv
Podilskyi Cement
5th Element complex, Kyiv
Boeing office, Kyiv
Signature residential complex, Kyiv
Mega I, Almaty
Conceptual development of Smart infrastructure

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